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Daraz.pk launches DForce to enable everyone to get share from their sale


The top most online shopping site of Pakistan, Daraz.pk, has launched a new offer for its sale scheme named DForce, where anyone will have a bit to earn.


The company has opened registration for its sales to make anyone to associate with Daraz and resell their products to their friends and family to earn a reasonable commission.

The scheme is open for everyone who wishes to make extra money as Daraz is working out to pay them a small share from their profit on every sale of a product that is available on Daraz.

The only thing you need to do is to get registered with Daraz and then sale its products to anyone you have access to, inside or outside your circle.


As stated Shahrukh Chaudhary, the project administrator at Daraz.pk, the purpose behind DForce is to get better the standard of trust in e-commerce and to reach out in communities where online advertising are not available. The scheme is devised to increase the sale of the company by reaching to those customers who have no facility of net, in other words, it will be selling offline as well.

Company’s employee would define the program in detail after you get registered and will inform you about payouts and other terms and conditions, and, obviously, the commission rate as well.

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