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Consumers will soon use Urdu version of WhatsApp in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: WhatsApp Translation Administrator, Ahsan Saeed has announced that an Urdu Version of WhatsApp will soon be available for the consumers on the Android platform.


Saeed told reporters that the working on Urdu version started three years back whereas the final moderation took about three months to complete and the entire job was done by the volunteers.

Although users are already communicating in Urdu on WhatsApp using Urdu keyboard, Saeed said his efforts were geared towards localizing the app itself for Urdu users. This included translated everything from the menus to the settings.


Saeed, who had already been working with Twitter as an Urdu localization moderator since 2002, signed up when WhatsApp called volunteers for their translation project.

In case if you are wondering if there really is a need for an Urdu version of Whatsapp, Saeed assures that a large proportion of Pakistani mobile internet users prefer Urdu. “It would be also beneficial for those looking to get connected with their national language again”, added Saeed.


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