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Cleanry: Pakistan’s first online home laundry service


The world is changing rapidly and to catch on the pace, you also need to be updated with whats going all around you. And now you just not need to be awe while looking at e-services initiated globally as the Pakistani startups with their utmost brilliance has setup services which we all have just thought about.


With another example of some superb minds banishing the old patterns and recreating the services studded with modern techniques: Cleanry, Pakistan’s first online home laundry service has been successfully getting popular among Karachittes and at the same time the makers of this project are eyeing Islamabad and Lahore as their next destinations.

Cleanry is an initiative which ousts the old tradition and settles a new washerman-customer relation which is not as tiresome and hectic as it previously was. With Cleanery in line, it’s time efficient for the customers and most importantly you not have to always shout asking for the special care for your clothes as this one is the top priority of Karachi based e-laundry service.

On the other hand, Cleaner posess experienced team for all your work from even business point of view to the social media strategist. However, initially they are serving the areas of DHA, Clifton and PECHS and in near future, they aim to expand their services.


What is Cleanry?

Cleanry is Pakistan’s first ever online Home Laundry service. The premium cleaning service has been launched to cater to the Laundry needs of Karachi city. Initially serving the areas of DHA, Clifton and PECHS, Cleanry aims to provide a reliable and comprehensive laundry service – giving you that extra time you always wanted and giving your precious fabrics the premium care and professional cleaning that they always deserved.

How it works?

You just have to make an order from when and where to pick your clothes. As per your order, the team cleaner takes your clothes from your door and after washing/dry-clean/ironing they get back to you. And the most eye-catching service they provide you is they can deliver you clothes back in even just one day of time, that means you don’t have to wait anymore and not have to again-and-again visit the shops to get your clothes back soon for the party, function or meeting. The other salient feature is their guaranteed quality and if you aren’t satisfied with their services they re-clean your clothes for free.


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