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Cleaning the Web: China blocks 1,200 adult content and pornographic websites


Sexually explicit content and material have been illegal in China since its date of creation. The number of websites containing pornographic and adult content has surpassed the figure of 1,200.


The initiative taken by the Beijing named Cleaning the Web is the initiative of the Chinese government that monitors those websites, search engines, applications, TV channels, and other portals that provide the access to porn and adult content. Despite heavy fines and imprisonment, the government is still unable to prevent citizens from enthusiastically consuming it.


Under the Initiative of Cleaning the Web, in the year 2015, eighty-eight websites were blocked, 16,233 adult scenes were deleted and almost 333 websites were fine with the heavy amount in Xixiang. The number of total pornographic websites blocked in China reached to 1,200. However, overall websites blocked in the country are around 3,000 in which all segments of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Wikipedia are at the top of the list.

The country has very strict policy of internet censorship. However, most of the websites are blocked in mainland China while most of these are not blocked in Hong Kong, Macau and other special administrative groups where most of the Chinese law are not applicable.

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