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BlackBerry Enterprise Services to be banned in Pakistan at PTA directives


Owing to security reasons, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has asked all cellular companies working in the country to put a full stop at offering Blackberry Enterprise Services to all its enterprise customers.


In the light of the letter from authority to cellular companies, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) customers should be granted 3 months of notice before closing the services altogether. So, all the mobile phone enterprises need to make sure that no BES connection is working after November 30, 2015.

On the other hand, this only applies to customers having BES. However, the users availing BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) will be able to use the same in the future as well and same applies to BlackBerry phones having just voice and SMS facility.


As far the difference between BIS and BES, the BIS gives your BlackBerry the access to the Internet while BES gives your BlackBerry the access to the corporate intranet i.e. the private, internal, network within an organization.

If we talk about the hazards of BES, the network operates the server meaning that everything from BIS to your Blackberry device is encrypted, but that’s regarding the extent of the security features. On the other side, for BES your organization operates the server and usually has it sitting somewhere within the corporate network. So, the IT department handles all factors of the BES server, that means it makes the check and balance and controls the information more decentralized and complicated.

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  1. Are people still using BES? I remember very few BES customers in north region during my Warid days. Maybe Mobilink has more customers?

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