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BlackBerry agrees on government’s terms, not quitting Pakistan


Government of Pakistan has got back from suspending BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) from the country as the BES has, somewhat, agreed to follow government’s conditions, as stated reliable sources.


Sources revealed that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and BlackBerry have discussed in a formal way, agreeing to resolve the matter via talks and negotiations have been held in this regard, where BES has nodded to follow the legal terms of the government.

A worksheet containing conditions in this regard has been eyed by lawmakers and the ultimate move is expected to be taken soon; however, it is certain that BES is not going to be suspended from the country.

The development comes couple of months when government announced to halt the BES owing to security issues as conversation made via BES were vulnerable to the extent to be decoded.

As stated the officials, the BlackBerry has permitted access to its communication services in number of countries; however, the Pakistan government wants to monitor all BES traffic within the country as it is legal requirement.


Earlier, Pakistan Telecommunication (OTA) had asked access to BES in July this year. Explaining security apprehensions, PTA had also asked the mobile operators to halt offering BES to its users after November 30, 2015, the date by which PTA had decided to shut BES down in the country.

As stated the official sources, approximately 4500 to 6000 clients were using BES inside the country.

Following the move by the government, the BES had embarked its leaving the country on November 30, 2015 too much pressure was inflicted from the government. PTA, however, had expended the period for one month for further talks with the government.

The company had stated officially following the extension from the government:

“Government of Pakistan has notified BlackBerry that it has extended its shutdown order from November 30 to December 30. BlackBerry will delay its exit from the Pakistan market until then.”

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