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Apple reveals 12-inch Thinner MacBook with new Keyboard


SAN FRANCISCO: Apple revealed its completely redesigned MacBook at Apple’s March 2015 Keynote presentation ‘Spring Forward Event 2015’. It originally replaced the iBook series and 12-inch PowerBook series of notebook as a part of the Apple-Intel transition from PowerPC. This latest invention of Apple will be launched on April 10, 2015.


There have been three color, gold, silver and space gray,  of the MacBook and all are simply awesome, has all the features beyond your thinking. Yeah! it is a 12-inch laptop, just weighs 2 pounds and is the lightest Mac ever made. This stuff from Apple, have let the speaker to open their mouth widened. It is so gorgeous to watch and is incredible for many of the people. It is the thinnest MacBook ever, which features a Retina display. Here it is to be mention that it is just 13.1 millimetres thick and weighs just two pounds, but since it’s distributed over the full 12 inches of the laptop, it feels even lighter.

Apple had make some adjustment to make it thin and dashing and started from keyboard. It is as close to typing on a glass tablet screen as you will get with physical keys, and you have to rely on autocorrect just as much when you are going really fast.


It is 24% thinner than Apple’s last major MacBook release, it features a 12-inch LED-backlit widescreen glossy Retina display, 2,304 x 1,440 (16:10), 226 ppi, and is the so far best resolution, Apple has delivered on MacBook Air. Processor is of 1.1 GHz (M-5Y51) dual-core Intel Core M Broadwell processor with 4MB shared L3 cache. 8 GB built-in onboard memory, non upgradeable, LPDDR3 SDRAM to make your work faster beyond your imaginations. Graphics is of Intel HD 5300 with DDR3L SDRAM shared with main memory. Secondary storage is of 256 GB or 512 GB PCIe SSD. FaceTime (480p) video camera to make your video conversation more speedy. Operating system is up to OS X Yosemite that means a built-in rock-solid UNIX foundation, it’s engineered to take full advantage of what the hardware is capable of. It’s designed to be as easy to use as it is beautiful to look at. It comes with an amazing collection of apps you will use and love every day. And it enables your Mac and iOS devices to work wonderfully together.

Like previous MacBooks it is also coming with iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. So you can be creative with your photos, videos, music, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations right from the start. These apps have been updated to match the beautiful design of OS X Yosemite. You will also get great apps for email, surfing the web, sending texts, and many more.

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