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Apple iPhone 6S &  6S Plus Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Pics and Review


The new comer bears new colour called rose gold (basically appears as lush pink, same as the new Apple Watch colour option). However, as far the appearance, this additional shade is the extent of the alterations you will be able to visually trace between this year’s and last year’s sets.


The big A’s stress on hardware upgrades on design development follows the infrastructure that the Cupertino-based company has long maintained: important alterations take place in even years and incremental updates in the odd.

But major upgrades to the camera technology of 6S, a new pattern of pressure-sensitive navigation known 3D Touch, and a quicker processor all intermingle to hold the advanced phone set seeming competitive to the extent to counter other leading handsets as the year-end holidays approach.

The company maintains that its new article may looks the same as last year’s set, but its iPhone 6S duo has gained more inner power. The new devices makes use of distinct grade of aluminium for its chassis, one that’s also utilized in the aerospace industry. Apple calls it Series 7,000, and it’s the same aluminium alloy that was placed into Apple Watch Sport.

The big A also gives a variety of Force Touch that could be found in different capacities on the Apple Watch and on some Mac trackpads as well. Known as 3D Touch, the 6S device will continue with same pressure-sensitive potential that calls up secondary menus and actions when you touch and hold the screen.

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About camera, a 12-megapixel is a big stride for Apple, which has been continuing with 8-megapixel sensors in its iPhone for years. Besides, the 5-megapixel front-facing cameral will bring the 6S on par with a lot of new era’s competing devices.

The new device comes with 4K video recording, at 3,840×2,160-pixel resolution that will enable you to take 8-megapixel camera photos while recording at this ultrahigh resolution.

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According to Apple, it will have fastest forms of LTE Advanced, in case it has supports in your area, and will also take in support for the advanced, best Wi-Fi networks.

The iPohen 6S along with its 5.5-inch twin, the 6S Plus, is scheduled to be available on September 12, with phones showcasing in stores around the world on September 25.

iphone 6ssss

In the US, its 16 GB, will be available for $200 on contract, while 6S Plus will start at $300 on contract.

In the UK, the 6S with 16GB costs £540, 64GB for £620, and 128GB costs 700, while the 6S Plus costs £620, £700, and £790 respectively.

In Australia, the 6S device will be available for AU$1,079 with 16GB, AU$1,229 with64GB, and AU$1,379 with 128GB, while the 6S Plus will cost as AU$1,229, AU$1,379, and AU$1,529 respectively.

In Pakistan, the 6S with 16GB will cost Rs. 67,762; 64GB for Rs. 78,187; and 128GB for Rs. 88,612; while, the 6S Plus device will cost Rs. 78,187 for 16GB; Rs. 88,612 for 64GB; and 128GB for Rs. 99,037.


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