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53 million SIM’s verified via biometric system


Islamabad: According to the Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Syed Ismail Shah, more than 53 million mobile phone SIM’s (Subscriber Identity Module) have been verified via biometric system during the last 38 days.


“Still a lot of progress remains to be made as the turnout of subscribers having three or more SIM’s on their CNIC’s is very low,” chairman PTA.

Talking about the re-verification of SIM’s under the National Action Plan (NAP), he said the users has to made a balance between the increasing demand of law and enforcement agencies and protecting the investment made by cellular mobile operators.


Telenor Corporate Affairs Vice President Aslam Hayat said that sale of verifiable SIM’s in Pakistan have remained a big challenge. ” SIM is not a primary source of crime but a useful tool for investigation.”

It was said to be a difficult task for biometric verification of SIM’s in Pakistan, despite that in 38 days following National Action Plan, verification of more than 53 million SIM’s, tells the hard work shown to make it possible.

70,000 biometric machines have been installed at sale points of cellular mobile operators. Now, SIM’s are being sold and activated by the biometric system of the purchaser.

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