Tears of the Kingdom No Big Games in 2023 on Nintendo Switch, Even for IGN –

The site too ignite Andy Robinson, a journalist at VGC, will confirm the version accordingly Nintendo He wouldn’t have any other plans Big games of 2023 on Nintendo Switch After, after The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears.

The question also came up as an explanation for Nintendo’s absence, along with Sony and Microsoft, at E3 2023, although the company has always opted for some kind of “external” support at E3 for several years now, and is therefore not necessarily connected.

Anyway, after Robinson’s indiscretion, IGN has also published an article in the past few hours in which it explains that Nintendo’s absence could also be related to the lack of important news in the period in question.

“IGN has learned that Nintendo and Xbox were initially interested in being at the event, but have since exited the organization for reasons not related to the show itself,” reads the IGN report. VGC later reported that Nintendo chose not to participate in the event due to a A rather light exit plan Regarding the second half of the year, which does not justify being at E3, information that IGN can substantiate.

The question remains very vague and completely unreliable, also because Nintendo has already proven in the past that it is able to maintain great secrecy in its products, and the definition of the “light” group is questionable. However, it’s clear that this rumor is related to other inevitable rumors regarding a new console designed to succeed the Nintendo Switch, which may justify the relative absence of mass production on the current console.

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Anyway, what we do know is that Nintendo has always followed a somewhat independent and vague plan about their releases and related communications, so we just have to wait for any Nintendo Direct. Meanwhile, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is already one of the hottest games of 2023.

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