Team Bloober doesn’t want to be taken over, it’s a Silent Hill 2 Remake study –

Bloober teamthe Polish studio he is currently working on Silent Hill 2 remakeWants stay independent Thus, it will not be interested in any takeover offers from major companies. At least that’s what CEO Piotr Papineau said in an interview with IGN.

Papineau explained that his goal is Guarantee of complete creative freedom to his studio, which would not be possible in the event of a takeover.

“These people came to work with us from other big studios in Poland and foreign countries, and I think they did it because they like to be part of the creative process,” said the CEO of Bloober Team. “So my goal is to remain independent. We’ve revamped our strategic choices and decided as a company that we would like to remain independent.”

In October 2021, Chinese giant Tencent bought a 22% stake in Bloober Team for about $19.5 million through its subsidiary Serene Century Limited, becoming the largest shareholder. In any case, the study remained independent, and it is clear that it will remain so in the coming years.

Team Bloober was founded in 2008 and among the games we have mentioned we mention Layers of Fear, Observer, Blair Witch, and The Medium. As you know, the Polish studio is currently working on a Silent Hill 2 remake commissioned by Konami and on Layers of Fear. In addition, some unannounced projects are in the works in collaboration with Private Division, Rogue Games and Draw Distance.

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