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Teacher salaries and DS, surprising data from OECD Education at a glance 2022 file

According to another The OECD Education Profile at a Glance 2022I Italian managers They are among the highest paid in the world. There is no shortage of surprises, as Salvo Intravaia mentioned in an article I wrote for ‘Repubblica’ regarding tables on me payroll subordinate teachers and school leaders. Italian middle school principals can boast an annual salary, including bonuses and allowances, close to $102,000. In general, I Italian school leaders They earn an average of 3500/4000€ per month. On the other hand, if you go to check a file payroll subordinate faculty of schoolIt turns out that a school principal can earn almost two and a half times more than a teacher.

School salaries, Italian school principals among the highest: they earn more than twice as many teachers

The Italian school leadersaccording to the OECD Education at a Glance 2022 profile, will reach the level Earn more than double the number of teachers. A middle school teacher in 2021 earned an average of 42 thousand and 800 dollars a year, which is one of the lowest salaries, about 1700/1800 euros per month.
The salary of school principals is considered high if we take into account the fact that only principals of schools in Australia, Ireland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States can boast of it. higher salaries Compared to his Italian colleagues.

But it must be considered that the differential between school principals salary and the faculty of school In these countries it is certainly lower than in Italy: if in Italy the difference is 2.38, in Australia it is only 1.88 and in the United Kingdom 1.72. Figures that should make us think about the huge difference in salary that exists between Italian school principals and faculty.

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A middle school teacher in Finland earns more than $55,000 annually, 30% more, on average, than an equivalent Italian classmate, while his principal earns 81,000, 20% less than his Italian classmate. In Estonia, school administrators and teachers receive roughly the same salary: $39,000 for a major and $31,000 for teachers.

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