Taxes, the government is considering deferrals and more premiums. Castelli: “We’re thinking about it” –

Thinking of postponing June 30 For VAT numbers and reasons for paying 16 installments of tax invoices due on August 2nd. Deputy Economy Minister says I don’t make any promises Laura CastelliBut it ensures that the House of Representatives works continuously and in detail to soften the large number of installments that are paid It’s obviously piling up.

Speaking in the online forum any tax for the future, substantive reform organized by 24 single substrateCastelli pointed out that when there are many difficulties, it is necessary to take an inventory, and even on these revenues there is a reflection: more complicated than tax bills, but this great majority allows us to face these times without falling into ideology. So we argue.

Tax reform should see the light of day by the end of July The Deputy Minister explains that putting the collection system back in place is one of the starting points, even if it’s not the only one. In fact, there are 930 billion euros that have not been recovered from the tax authorities between 2000 and 2020. The main points will be simplification and digitization with interventions also on the basis of tax, autonomy and tax cuts. Castelli rejects Letta’s proposal to impose an inheritance tax on the younger dowry: at least $6-7 billion would be needed. Enrico Letta replies from a distance: I don’t want to pressure a race, but this income has to make a contribution.

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On a related note, Thursday, in front of the Chamber’s Budget Committee 4 thousand amendments to the decree “Sostini bis” were submitted. These also include requests to extend the layoff freeze that expires on June 30. The Democratic Party is considering 13 weeks of Covid cash for those not firing until September 30, according to the union agreement. The M5S is ordering the block until September 1st. Leu is moving the ban ban through October 31.

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