Taxes and green pass on the tilt, the gates blocked but Sogei denied the pirate attack

Tax on tilt but not only. The Green Passage Release Gate was also blocked. Block all financial management websites. The portals with which citizens, businesses and professionals interact with Italian tax authorities are out of service as of the afternoon of Wednesday, March 30. A short circuit in Suji would have broken the network. The Finance Department’s technology partner announced in a tweet (and then in a press release) that it is “not subject to any cyberattack and services are temporarily unavailable due to technical issues.” An explanation by which Sogei removes the specter of malware, also in light of the current moments of tension on the cybersecurity front. But in the meantime, all the services run by the technology partner are becoming inaccessible, including the platform that lets you download the Green Pass.

electrical circuit problem

The problem was a malfunction in the electrical circuits that included the devices that ensured external communication for the services and gates operated by Sogei.

Revenue: sensitive data is not affected

The Revenue Agency immediately determined in a tweet that the Sogei blackout and the blocking of financial management websites “did not in any way affect the security of sensitive data”.

The agency and users can only wait for the solution of technology partner Sogei.

The essence of deadlines

The mass appears to benefit debtors who hope to extend the short circuit that can delay the dispatch of bills. The same can’t be said, however, of professionals who struggle with commitments, deadlines, and in some cases even sensitive ones like filing or appeals (even if tax justice recognizes ban periods to get them back on schedule).

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