Tax return not filed: watch out for heavy penalties

Bad news comes for many taxpayers who risk dealing with severe penalties if they do not meet this deadline.

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Struggling with the various obligations of work, family, and free time, it can happen sooner or later that everyone forgets to do something. An circumstance that in some cases, unfortunately, can be very annoying, especially when it comes to forgetting tax dates. These include the tax return that each taxpayer must file each year, except in some cases where exemption is envisaged.

just delve into Submit tax return It is good to remember that there are deadlines that must be respected. Otherwise, in fact, you risk falling into some Penalties, which is particularly heavy in some cases. So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

Revenue Agency, November 30 was the last day to submit your tax return

Unfortunately, the past two years have been marked by Covid, which continues to have negative repercussions on our lives, both socially and socially. economic. Unfortunately, many families find themselves having to deal with a serious financial crisis, due to the reduced income resulting from the closure of many businesses.

On the other hand, the administrative mechanism never stops, and also in 2021, taxpayers had to submit tax declaration. Thinking about the latter, we remember, it is proved necessary to pay attention to some Updates, such as those related to the account statement.

But not only that, as every year, even in 2021, there are deadlines to meet, with the deadline for sending your tax return expired last year. November 30. Well, it is precisely those who do not respect this deadline that they risk incurring severe penalties from the revenue agency.

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Tax return not filed, watch out for heavy penalties: What you need to know

As mentioned earlier, November 30, 2021 was the last day to submit tax declaration. Those who did not respect this date risk being dealt with severe penalties.

Going into detail, in fact, those who do not file their tax return by the due dates are subject to particularly severe penalties, which go From 120% to 240% more than the amount of taxes due.

Fines must also be paid if there are no taxes to be paid from the advertisement itself. In this case the amount to be paid varies from Minimum 250 Euros Maximum 1000 Euros.

Tax return not filed: Fines discounts are possible

Fortunately, the situation can still be resolved, in a way that avoids having to deal with a real bite. In fact, the IRS provides the possibility to send Announcement within 90 days of the stated deadline, in such a way as to correct their condition and significantly reduce the amount of penalty to be paid.

In particular, those who have not filed a tax return by November 30 must do so by February 28, 2022. As already mentioned, in the latter case, the penalty will be significantly reduced. In particular, in the event that the declaration itself does not lead to the payment of taxes, it will be necessary to pay One tenth of the full penalty.

This means that from 250 euros you will have to pay 25 euros. In the case of taxes arising from a tax return, a discount on fines of up to 30% can be availed. If the interested parties do not send the declaration even by February 28, 2022, they will be able to submit it Along with the following year.

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In the latter case, penalties will result Half. So instead of seeing ratios between 120% and 140% applied, it would be 60% and 120%. In the case of a tax return that does not show the tax, a maximum of 500 euros must be paid, instead of the maximum amount of the full fine equal to one thousand euros.

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