Tax reform, proposals by all parties to change the income tax and simplify the system

Possible deal on tax cuts for the middle classes

In the evening, the Minister of Economy, Daniel Franco, confirmed at a House hearing that the government would introduce the tax reform delegate law by the end of July, and that this would be inspired by the conclusions of the actions of the Finance Committees of the House and Senate, which held 61 hearings among experts in the Sector, national and international institutions are now preparing to finish the work. This is why the documents with reform proposals just put forward by each political group are so important. It is the basis of the difficult and delicate task that awaits the two presidents, respectively Luigi Maratin (Italy Viva) and Luciano Dalfonso (PT), who will try to come up with a concise summary document that can gather the approval of the majority in a complex for an alliance ranging from Lega to Liberi e equuali. But, says Maratin, there is a unique opportunity for Parliament, which has always complained about the excessive power of the government, to have an effect, with a reform that has been waiting for many years and is crucial to restarting the economy. After reading the documents provided by all the groups, it was concluded that the success or lack of success of the process would depend on the political choices of the parties, particularly the Lega and 5 Stelle, rather than the spaces on the contents, which is also strong. Basically, if the choice is to run the Draghi government and make a quantum leap with a historic reform, we can come up with a law revolving around redesigning personal income tax rates and brackets to reduce the tax on the middle chapters (28-55 thousand euros) and a will found in all documents, albeit rejected In a different way and in the program of the government itself. On the other hand, if tensions escalate in the majority, it would be easy to make the elements of the conflict prevail, because the fact remains that in the documents, each side confirmed its identity choices. Union with the aim of a flat tax, the Democratic Party with an increase in inheritance taxes, a lei with property on the richest and so on. Then there is a problem that is not insignificant: lowering taxes costs a lot. Many documents omit this point. But the government will not be able to do the same.

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