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I PM: Savings on Employment through the Use of Cooperatives, Short-Term and Legally Represented by Candidates. Group searches with a turnover of $4.5 billion

Not just meals delivered via Italy Uber riderOh Delivery by DHL, oi Books quoted by Ceva: Another disputed case for ‘satisfactory outsourcing’ of the workforce, which is now well established in the world of work it inhabits. Persons who accept any conditions in order to workIn fact, for the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, it is investing in the transfer of the Italian department in Logistics giant “GLS”: a multinational company with 4 and a half billion euros in one year in transportation 840 million parcels for 250,000 customers in 41 countries, where in 1,500 warehouses, the international group (born in Germany, president in the Netherlands and controls the English mail group Royal Mail) employs 21,000 people and uses 4,000 trucks and 31,000 vans.

About twenty searches, managed by the Economic and Financial Police Unit of the Guardia di Finanza in Milan and the Revenue Agency not only in the offices San Giuliano Milanese and Asago Milanofiori, but also in consortium offices Cooperative «You Log» a Vimercate e PeroExplain the fact that “Gls Italy spa” and “Gls Enterprise srl” (plus five lawyers and two accountants) are under investigation for a crime”fraudulent advertisement by

Use invoices for non-existent transactions» Based on Law 231 of 2001 regarding the administrative responsibility of legal persons for crimes committed by managers in the interest of the company.

«Those affected are the workers and the treasury, while the Gls Group greatly benefits from this situation because it reduces the costs of its employees,” says the investigation by the attorney general. Paolo Storari On “Distorted Use and Tools” Short-lived cooperatives, legally represented by the candidateswho hides Irregular supply of manpower In favor of more or less complicit customers, maximizing illegal profits by virtue of non-payment of taxes direct and indirect, tax withholding from work and contributions Social Security and Insurance”.

The mechanism, according to the prosecution’s approach, would be one that has already been dismantled from investigations into previous cases, some of which have already provided virtuous examples (such as Something) from back to legality, It will also be implemented “through the assistance of various professional facilitators, accountants and business consultants, who undertake accounting and authorization procedures in order to create conditions for the commission of crimes.” Among the offices inspected by the Guardia di Finanza and the Revenue Agency, there was also the office in which, when he came to Italy, he worked, Sole Director (not investigated) at “Gls Italy” and “Gls Enterprise”, German Klaus Schaedle.

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