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The return of the vacation bonus, an error in the calculation of the ISEE form: it was addressed, without fines and interest, in the tax return for 2021. There is no effect on the structure that applied the deduction. To clarify this, the Revenue Agency responded to Request No. 66 on February 1, 2021.

Holiday bonus-If you need to follow up with return After he benefited unnecessarily for Error calculating ISEE modelYou can do this at a time Submit the tax return for the year 2021.

For the structure, or more generally for Service providerWho applied the discount provided by the holiday tax exemption, there is no effect: it does not lose the right to use it in compensation.

The Revenue Agency explains this with Response to Question No. 66 of February 1, 2021.

Revenue Agency – in response to Request No. 66 dated February 1, 2021
Interbelo, Article 11, paragraph 1, Lett. A), Law of July 27, 2000, n. 212 – Improper Use of Tax Leave – Article 176 of Legislative Decree of May 19, 2020, No. 34, Transformer, With Amendments, Pursuant To The Law Of July 17, 2020, N. 77.

Holiday bonus return, ISEE error: to be corrected in 2021 tax return

As usual, inspiration comes fromA process case analysis. The protagonist is the taxpayer who has benefited, although he is not entitled, Feast bonus Expected from Decree of relaunch Because Error calculating ISEE model.

The interest can be up to one A maximum of 500 euros, Based on composition family. It follows the access to benefit a Double track:

  • to80% Of the amount you are entitled to access through Discount on the amount owed to the supplier From the tourist service that in turn recovered it in the form Credit tax;
  • The 20% Remaining in shape Tax deduction In the tax return related to the tax year 2020 or 202, depending on the year in which it was used.
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The Limit To be used in June 20, 2021 It is one of Requirements To benefit from it is precisely respect ISEE threshold of € 40,000.

After using it incorrectly, the taxpayer turns to the Revenue Agency to find out Ways to comply.

With th Response to Question No. 66 of February 1, 2021Revenue Agency explains:

“If 80 per cent of the Holiday Tax Credit is used incorrectly, it can be returned, without fines and interest, upon filing of the declaration (730 or PF INCOME), by filling in the appropriate fields in the chosen form.”.

Leave Reward: Instructions for return via tax return

The document confirms this Direct debit at the time of Pay for the tourist service In the selected facility, such as the remaining 20%, can be placed in Tax deductionEven if you took advantage of it before submitting your tax return.

This is also confirmed by the instructions for the Model 730/2021. The use of the leave bonus should be noted:

  • at Section VIAnd the Data to take advantage of other tax deductions;
  • at Frame eFees and expenses, Which indicates expenditures incurred in 2020 which give entitlement to one Tax deduction Or a deduction from income.

In particular, it is possible to refer to Code 4 at E83 lineOther deductions, to indicate an amount “The vacation tax credit is unpaid, in whole or in part, which has been used in the form of a deduction for the payment of accommodation.”.

Therefore, this is the procedure to follow for those who must return the leave bonus. The same rules also apply to Income form 2021.

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By completing the tax return correctly and, accordingly, the amount of the vacation bonus that you are not entitled to receive, in whole or in part, Affects the IRPEF account: Increasing debt for the tax period 2020 or, conversely, reducing credit. This is how the taxpayer complies.

The response, which determines in conclusion the revenue agency, does not have There is no influence on the service provider “Whoever pays the deduction in the form of a tax credit (or the assignee) does not lose the right to use it in compensation (the restitution, as mentioned earlier, only if he benefits more than the amount owed / received).”.

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