Tax deadlines, change the calendar with DL Support: the news

Tax deadlines: With th Support decree It changes again Evaluation, With the Suspension And lo and behold Slips difference Fixes About payment.

It is a project DL supportDate March 5, 2021, for clarity What will change on the tax side Approval of the new provision according to which assistance will be provided to families, workers and companies facing difficulties. The text still looks a long way from the final definition, but the hope is that next week it will be fine for DL ​​Sostegno’s approval.

On the tax side, DL Sostegno will go to Rewrite the tax liability calendar, With most conditions sliding. It is true that tax invoice notifications have resumed since March 1, but what matters to the government is Payment terms suspendedDo not embarrass debtors in this particular historical period.

New Tax Calendar with DL Sostegno, How Tax Deadlines Change

First of all, DL Sostegno gets involved Suspension of all payment terms. The date of suspension coincides with the end of the planned state of emergency April 30, 2021.

This change also applies to bonds that will be notified by the collection authority in the coming weeks. In fact, the recipient of the volume may not proceed immediately with the payment: i 60 days During which the required amounts will be paid in one solution, in fact, will start from the end of the suspension period, and thus from April 30, 2021. Thus, there will be Until June 30, 2021 (Remember, however, that documents still pending will be “relaxed” over the next 24 months).

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Until April 30, 2021 they will be Mortgage foreclosures have also been suspended Salaries and pensions.

With respect to Scrapping premiumsAs well as about Libra and the excerpt scheduled for 2020 there will be Time until July 31 To go ahead with payment. For those who expire in 2021 (and thus expire on February 28, March 31, May 31 and July 31), it will be possible to wait until September 30.

New financial deadlines and more: DL Sostegno cancels debt

To the new calendar of financial deadlines, the chapter is dedicated to Delete old folders. There is talk of canceling all files assigned between 2000 and 2015. In this regard, we are still debating whether to cancel them all or only those below a certain threshold: there are several hypotheses on the table (ranging from 3000 to 5000 euros) but all Something will depend on Costs And from Resources Available.

As for the pardon of the old volumes, which will reduce the amounts recorded in the role stranded in the Equitalia repository, there is also the possibility to manage Automatically cancel unclaimed goods Once five years have passed since the mission.

Then he will join those before New scrapping. An ad hoc study is being conducted for companies that have suffered a loss of at least 33%. In detail, one will be sent to VAT numbers in difficulty Facilitate liquidation proposal To settle payment notifications for a deleted or late payment that have been processed by December 31, 2020

We are talking about documents – which are still pending – related to the 2017 announcements, such as those related to 2018 ads that will be processed by the end of the year; Can be repaid Without paying any penalty.

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