Tax cash and cash. The EU rejects Germany, the Netherlands and Austria –

Rome – The government spent the money yesterday Overall positive rating, but with some critical notes affiliate European Union Commission On the maneuverBriefly the Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Paul Gentiloni.

Brussels also expressed itself regarding the balancing maneuvers of other countries, giving a Big traffic light for ten countries, including Italy, France and Spainwhile he was ruling Other members’ maneuvers, including Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, are not in line.

In general, the committee appreciatedCautious situation of the Italian budget bill, judging by the macroeconomic assumptions underlying the reasonable maneuver for both 2022 and 2023. The projections for the deficit are broadly in line with the EU estimates while the projections for debt reduction in 2023 are better than those for the EU . The fiscal outlook remains subject to high uncertainty weighing on the macroeconomic outlook – as the Committee document reads – particularly with regard to macroeconomic risks related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, rising energy prices, and protracted disruptions to supply chains.

This is why brussels issues a warning to Choose carefully any new aids against higher energy costsThe continuation of existing support measures and/or the adoption of new aid measures in response to higher energy prices should contribute to higher growth in nationally funded net current spending and higher government deficits and debt projected for 2023.

Yet public order concerns. Then the commission document goes to Some chapters blame the maneuver, considering it contrary to the recommendations repeatedly addressed to Italy.

In particular, it concerns the measures that Increase spending on pensions (share 103) And the Reducing the fight against tax evasion.

Already on July 9, 2019, the Council of the European Union recommended, as the Commission recalls, Italy to fight tax evasion, also by strengthening Mandatory use of electronic payments Through low legal limits on cash payments, and the full implementation of pension reforms to cut spending. The measures included in the maneuver that are not in line with these recommendations relate to: raising the cash transaction ceiling from the current 2,000 to the current 5,000 euros; The equivalent provision of a tax amnesty allowing the cancellation of previous tax debts of up to €1,000 related to the period 2000-2015; Possibility of refusing electronic payments for amounts less than 60 euros without imposing fines; Renewal of early access pension schemes in 2023 that expire at the end of 2022, with tightening of age criteria.

These results are not official requests to change the maneuver and, based on rumors circulating through the government, only the ceiling on payments with POS that merchants can refuse can be lowered compared to the €60 set by the government.

Yesterday, chaos erupted in the Budget Committee, which is considering maneuvering. The Democratic Party and other opposition forces occupied the chairs of the same committee, protesting the absence of representatives of the majority who met with the government to try to pressure the amendments.

Back to Brussels The other front that is about to open is the one on Banner. Minister of Agriculture , Francesco Lollobrigida, objectively it hurtsthat some things are impossible to do and therefore must be changed.

However, they are optimistic in the Ministry of Economy and tell that they expect to achieve the 55 targets indicated by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for the second half of 2022, and thus submit the payment request to the European Union by the deadline. on 31 December 2022 for an expected amount of €19 billion.

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