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Tarquinia, Giorgia Pusceddu’s necklace mystery lands in the UK

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Tarquinia – Young Tarquinian writer Giorgia Poseido’s novel heightens her interest in crossing Italy’s borders. Just two months ago in the Tarquinia Municipal Library, little Giorgia will not forget her, first of all because he is the owner of the presentation. The first book was submitted, he started writing at the age of only thirteen, but then because it was such a success that many people intervened with all the municipal administrations who highlighted the importance of culture in young people and the mission of the departments to support a month after its submission, an award arrived: Giorgia won Pusceddu in the Old World Literary Competition of Viterbo, where she was ranked as the best newcomer. In the county of Gloucestershire in England, 140 km from London, an unusual small town, clean and with good people, this is how the writer describes it when, in 2017, she was on vacation with her parents. She was so impressed that she put in it an interesting detective novel. Today, Cirencester Mayor Sabrina Dixon returns the courtesy and writes directly to Giorgia expressing her appreciation and gratitude for the work done. What is certain is that as Italians, it can only be a pleasure to see the culture of Made in Italy, at a time when terrifying themes prevail among European countries such as: economies, wars and epidemics, find space until they cross borders to be told and yet taken into account. Culture has the power to keep good things alive in people.

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