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Stewardess Lily Gruber is eight and a half

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The IMF expects growth for all countries except Italy, which may end up among the unwanted nations that will not even be able to collect the famous billions from the recovery fund that everyone seeks to manage to simulate the irreparable ballet of crisis and reprimand. But then a treatable rupture, with gossip, behind the scenes and all that garbage that sounds like gossip news that is then routed to rainwater collectors in back-to-back chat programs in which the events are simulated, yeah discussions about nothing but – that’s it The most impressive thing – all of this happens with a mundane, upper-class tone of absurdity and absurdity, which generally manages – conversations – elegant and attractive women who study what the newsrooms bring for their appearances, and then pass from one guest to another almost always without listening or finding the news, And moving from one type of respect to another, in a thousand degrees of great naivety.

I would like to ask readers to do what I love so many people to do every day, just get a proverb: Confess and don’t call me arrogant, or give it to me, it doesn’t matter. I dedicate quite a bit of my TV time to American, English and French news – unfortunately I don’t know German – and then when I return to the Italian butterfly nets I’m in for a crazy delight at the theater of the absurd and tinged with disgrace.

Yesterday was definitely an amazing day too because, despite the tumultuous appearances, nothing ever happened. Nothing, despite the convulsive records we’ve been following for days that – you can swear – are fairly endless. The cheetah was not joking: that everything changes so that everything remains as before is a serious will.

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Rating agencies have read Tommasi di Lampedusa’s text: Nobody in Europe, not even in the world, is enchanted by the spectacle of an Italian-style hysterical birth convulsion, and in the end it only leads to the flow of gas. To be smelly.

I’ve also had rounds of phone calls made by every humble reporter and realized that with high probability, all of the excitement that Matteo Renzi’s office fired will end with a bang. And when the dust subsides, everything will be the same as before, but it will be more dusty: what remains is Italy from the appearances that are first and foremost a show: a talk show, entertaining first in the morning, of coffee and milk. From the rusk, now that it has stopped At the bar it is not recommended with guests who are interrupted by the conductors who are thinking of other things and who hear themselves in a voice and then broadcast from the body of the saraband that continues with a subtle sense of boredom emerging from the magazines of light and useless things, but is expressed in a subtle tone.

The culmination of this unified editorial madness or perhaps “eight and a half” where we now see Marco Travallio in charge, wearing shoes, gives and removes the joke to the Gruber that summarizes, condenses and repeats the last sentence we heard adding his own question mark and then releases it to the next stage he touches, and from He picks it up and mumbles, and if it is Massimo Cakchiari, he is often seen dazed and no longer knows what they are talking about.

Many halls are particularly useless. Talk shows too. I will also avoid naming names out of modesty and respect. After all, the fellows who drive this salon game work for a living and maybe even for glory, but we’re sure they do as it seems, and we also hope for a career because some really deserve it.

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However, I cannot avoid declaring myself amazed at the skill of Myrta Merlino facing politics as a display of things being presented and expressing opinions and summarizing opinions and raising them like balls and taking them back and laughing with Bersani, who personally makes me laugh but unfortunately all this Commedia dell’arte continues with breaks Announcements, with newscasts permeating and then realizing that the hand has passed and that there is now Tiziana Panela who always has a very elegant and beautiful presence but we see that she also has taken us right in dealing with politics where one can deal with the issue of neighborhood, home and family and this, it must To say with worrying admiration, it only happens in Italy because we only have these companies with which I go with a small group of print directors who work on all screens and follow each other, intertwine, live and wink, and everyone is careful not to talk or at least not to feel sorry, unless They were absentees, or regular guests of other broadcasters, and in any case, we always walk along hierarchical paths, depending on authority, with those sent on the streets of Rome practicing this wrestling weaved Journalism and it consists of pursuing a politician who pretends not to see you and that or that jogging talks and says useless words and tries to tear anything and shows dedication, annoyance, and politics if he turns around and says something, how does that happen and no one hears what he says well and everyone takes him from every station and responds to the studio with “Yes Absolutely “inevitable, like yes sir and everything goes on in Casiara.”

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But what catches the eye is the friendly, light and discreet tone that emanates from the conversations from early morning in the studio. Tones silly, salottieri, flirty and flirty. The background and assumptions are trivial and made of much chatter for the piece. As I said at the beginning, after living for a long time in the United States, I contracted with Vice News, that is, news programs that are produced in competition with one another, to compete for the audience. I have also downloaded a very popular app called “Ground News”, which not only provides news, but also informs you of the number of newspapers and newscasts issuing the news in proportions of the left or right headlines. Not only in America but also in Australia, France, England, and Germany.

In every country there are newspapers, TV news and “breaking news” that will be exceptional editions but have also become regular news for us. I apologize, I am sad. I know what happened and what will happen: Nothing. And what they made you understand: Nothing. You come back, we will come back the same government or similar government that could have been done before, but it was important that these strange behavior be implemented to allow everyone to form a small group, a small living room, a small old scholar, an aperitif, a blank-faced conversation. With dull eyes, in useless words while negotiations continue without facing any obstacles other than the country that is about to be declassified as pure garbage, while so far we have had a fair order of reconsiderable garbage, with some fragments. The illusion ends, the conversation continues.

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