Tales of Arise, Bandai Namco’s new JRPG Ufotable prequel –

Bandai Namco released the amazing version in these hours introductory film From tales of resurrection Made by Ufotable Studio. This is expected to be the new chapter of the popular JRPG series that will be released on September 10th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | PC. The footage also includes the game’s opening song “HIBANA” by “KANKAKU PIERO”.

In Tales of Arise, players will immerse themselves in the story of a world made up of Rena, the star who has ruled the planet of Fat with an iron hand for the past 300 years. The people of Reina emptied the city of Ad-Dahna of its natural resources, and enslaved a large section of the population to achieve this goal. This story that follows the battle to liberate Dahna from its destiny, will be experienced by the eyes of Alvin, a resident of this planet with his face covered in an iron mask, who is struggling to free his people, and Chion, a girl from Rena, a fugitive from his countrymen. During the journey, they will be joined by various characters, such as Rinwell and Law, who will help them in their struggle for freedom.

If you are interested in discovering the game, this is the tried and tested Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise retains the essence of the series, but raises the bar even more with “Air ShaderAdding a new touch to the graphics, making it feel as if it was hand drawn. This will increase the feeling of immersion in the players and will better represent the new vibrant world in which they will have to explore many environments and areas. The combat is also developed by adding more effects Direct and attacks to ensure a bigger scene and more direct feedback based on player actions.

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