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Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has arrived in Los Angeles Where she was received by the President of the American Chamber of Commerce, Kevin McCarthy. “The friendship between America and the people of Taiwan has never been stronger.” The President of the US Chamber wrote on Twitter, posting a photo of the meeting with Tsai Ing-wen at the Reagan Library, in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

For Washington only a private visit, a frivolous transit, for China is an unacceptable provocation. The meeting in Los Angeles between Taiwan President Tsa Ing-wen and the third in the US administration, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, the first in the United States in more than 40 years, has angered Beijing and threatens a further deterioration in relations. , already very tense, between the two superpowers.

“There is nothing strange about a Taiwanese president traveling to the United States or meeting members of the US Congress. There is no reason for China to retaliate against the visit,” he added. This was confirmed by the US national security spokesman, John Kirby, stressing that he could not confirm the news of China launching a special operation in the Al Jazeera Strait.

“There is nothing new in the relationship between the Taiwanese authorities and the United States. All presidents of Taiwan have passed through the United States at some point. Our position has not changed and we still believe in the ‘One China’ policy. We will not take these trips as an excuse to increase tensions and change the status quo. The goal is always Is to bring peace and stability to the Taiwan Strait.” The US Secretary of State said so Anthony Blinken At the conclusion of the NATO Ministerial Meeting in Brussels on the meeting between President Tsai Ing-wen and Congressional Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The fact is that China has launched a “patrolling and inspection operation in the central and northern part” of the strait. According to Guancha, a nationalist gateway in Shanghai, it will last for a week even if it is not clear how many ships will participate in addition to Haixun 06. “China firmly opposes the fact that the United States authorizes the Tsai Ing transit in Washington,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning. She was on its territory as well as at the meeting with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the third vacant US term “, accusing Washington of” a serious violation of the “One China” principle and seriously undermining its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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