Taiwan and Chinese aircraft and ships in view of the Tsai McCarthy encounter

About 20 Chinese military aircraft, nine of which crossed the middle line of the Taiwan Strait, were spotted on the island by the Taipei Defense Ministry, after US House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy confirmed his intention to meet President Tsai Ing-wen in California on Wednesday. April 5th. There are also three Chinese ships around the island. The Taiwanese military is preparing for a “close response”. On the other hand, the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles said the meeting would “further damage” relations between Beijing and Washington, “seriously hurt the patriotic feelings of 1.4 billion Chinese” and undermine “the political foundations of Sino-US relations.”

The consulate said, referring to Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. “There is no doubt that it will make the same mistake again, causing more damage to Sino-US relations, but it will only strengthen the strong will and determination of the Chinese people” to achieve “reunification” with Taiwan, the consulate added. McCarthy confirmed his plans to meet the Taiwanese president, defying warnings from China that he was “playing with fire”.

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