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PSL 2017 Spot Fixing Scandal

Advertisements The second edition of Pakistan Super League was doing on well, but at the end of the first week, it was rocked because of corruption scandals involving at least six persons in the spot-fixing allegation. Advertisements Firstly, Islamabad United’s duo Khalid Latif and Sharjeel Khan was suspended by the …

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Axact Scandal is Baseless and Company condemned NY Times story, taking legal action

NY Times reporter Declan Walsh breaks the story with the heading ‘Fake Diplomas, Real Cash: Pakistani Company Axact Reaps Millions’, in which it was alleged by the reporter, Pakistan based software house involved in multi billions fake degree scam, piece said,” In fact, very little in this virtual academic realm, appearing …

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Sohaib Maqsood Scandal with Australian Girl was Sham

Couple of days ago Pakistani media and social media raised the alleged scandal of Pakistani Cricket Team batsman Sohaib Maqsood with an Australian Girl. Media blamed Sohaib Maqsood that he was interested in dating instead of cricket matches. However, all these allegations come to end after a new picture of …

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Sita White’s Tyrian White new pics with Jemima, Salman and Qasim sparks on Social Media

Imran Khan Pakistan’s World Cup winning team captain and  the head of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, political party, that has the provincial government in Pakistan’s most difficult area to govern as it borders with Afghanistan , the country  who is in complete disarray  after 9/11. Read Also: Reham Khan Wife of Imran Khan got fake …

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Humayun Saeed declares gossipmongering about his adulterous -affair as false

Actor-producer Humayun Saeed once again being scandalized with extramarital relationship. He publicized that suspiciously his name was related to a female college and the rumors about this matter had been at high. The actor criticized to his rival lobby for damaging his reputation in the entertainment industry and his personal …

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