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Taher Shah and Qandeel Baloch got married

Advertisements Advertisements In a world where such theories are creating buzz, there should be no ‘awes’, ‘buts’ or ‘ifs’ over people like Taher Shah and Qandeel Baloch captivating around 7.6 Billion people worldwide. Meanwhile, a question arises that what creativity is about? Doing something different is said to be a …

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“Virat Kohli should leave Anushka Sharma and should think about me”: Qandeel Baloch (video)

This social media entertainer knows how to be in the headlines with her antics, in latest move Qandeel Baloch has uploaded a video in which she is expressing her love for the Indian star batsman. QB, who have also been in the headlines of Indian media, has uploaded in a …

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Qandeel Baloch’s Facebook page restored after ban of several hours

The notorious social media entertainer Qandeel Baloch is gearing to achieve new heights of popularity and this can be well explained with the help of her Facebook likers/followers graph, in which an enormous growth can be clearly observed within just last week. Although, Qandeel is in news since long due …

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Now Qandeel Baloch regrets over showing strip dance trailer before Pak vs Ind T20 (Video)

The news from Eden Gardens heard yesterday was one of the worst news for Pakistan cricket fans, though it was not much pleasing for some Indian cricket fans as they were anxiously waiting for the strip dance of Pakistani social media entertainer Qandeel Baloch. The social media entertainer herself looked …

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Qandeel Baloch vs Arshi Khan, Pakistan vs India World T20- A war to remember

The high-voltage match is just hours away from going live, and the fans are going crazy all over it, not only the cricket fans, some with patriotic feeling would also be supporting their sides without knowing much about the cricket. But this year the epic-clash has involved each and everyone …

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