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Russian Governor arrested due to huge bribe

Advertisements Moscow (AFP): The governor of Russia named as Nikita Belykh was arrested on Friday due to accepting the large bribe of 400,000 Euros, the committee of inquiry said. Advertisements The Russian government has been opened a criminal inquiry against the governor Nikita Belykh, “who is arrested in a restaurant …

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Russia will lend Pakistan $2b for LNG pipeline

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Russia have tied up a contract under which Moscow will lend Islamabad $2 billion to set a pipeline that will supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) form Karachi to Lahore. In return to this, Russian companies will be given contract to contract the pipeline. The formal concord between …

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Special ‘Halal’ food for Muslim visitors

MOSCOW: A hotel in Moscow plans to attract Muslim visitors by offering a room for prayers and a Quran on the bedside table along with facilitation of ‘Halal’ food. “Around 70 per cent of our guests are from overseas and 13 per cent of these come from Muslim countries, especially …

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568 soldiers of Ukraine killed in fight against rebels

Four month fight claimed 568 soldiers from Ukrainian forces, the military unveiled the horrifying figures on Monday. 568 Ukrainian troops have been killed in the four month long fight against pro Russian rebels  in eastern part of the country while 2,120 servicemen have been wounded, the military told. The security …

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