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Blasphemy allegations: Mob sets a factory on fire in Jhelum

Advertisements Infuriated mob provoked after rumuors pertaining to blasphemy circulated in the Punjab’s district Jhelum set a factory in. No casualties have been reported from the arson attack. Advertisements The blasphemy allegations were levelled from a masjid in the area that ignited enrage among the people. The police have detained …

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Indian goddess tattoo: Australian visitor compelled to render apology

BENGALURU: An Australian tourist was allegedly harassed and compelled to render apology when an unruly mob in Bengaluru objected his having tattoo of a Hindu goddess on his shin. The Australian citizen, Matt Keith stated that he along with his friend Emily were assaulted and forced by a mob outside …

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Cow Slaughtering Violence: Indian police arrest 12 men from UP

NEW DELHI: Indian police have detained at least 21 men from the mob, which thrashed two Muslims allegedly slaughtered a cow and set fire to around dozen shops, officials said on Saturday. The incident was reported from northern Uttar Pradesh state, where people had killed an old Muslim man over …

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Beef issue in India: Mob sets van carrying beef on fire in Maharashtra

The vehicle was halted after locals suspected it was puffed with beef and after probe the meat it was having, around 100 people put the van on fire. “They stopped the van and checked it and it appeared to them that the meat was beef and they set it on …

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An Indian Muslim Cow Trader forced conversion to Hinduism by Mob

A video being promoted on social media exposing a young guy being battered by Hindu mob forcing him to say aloud their slogan – Jai Shri Ram. The young boy is enticed with ropes to an electric tower somewhere in a locality of Indian countryside. The boy is being enquired …

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Imran khan abusing Nawaz Sharif on leaked telephone call with Arif Alvi

 A recorded call between Imran Khan and Arif Alvi during mob’s attack on Pakistan Television centre (PTV) in Islamabad has come to light. The recorded call allegedly reveals how Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan convincing Dr Alvi about PTV attack. Mr Imran, during this conversation, seems to be supporting …

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