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Torn pages of Quran and feces found at door of mosque in Texas

Advertisements TEXAS: Extremist mindset in the west is taking the revenge of Paris Attack from the Muslims living in their country. Sometimes they shared the fake videos showing ‘Muslims are celebrating victory over Paris Attack’ and sometimes they tried to create hurdles by other means. In a recent incident of …

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Despite Islamphobia in West, Quran enlightens hearts of passersby

The thing is clear that haters or extremists can’t resist spread of something that is based on truth. The same is the case, few people carrying on Anti-Islamic agenda, worth nothing, in front of million hearts just filled with love and peace. A video strikes on Internet, which explicates that …

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French Muslim girl wearing veil stopped to attend the class

FRANCE: The case of a teen Muslim girl, who was disallowed to attend her class twice over wearing a long black skirt seen as bluntly religious for secular France, has provoked a protest. The girl was forbidden from going to class earlier this month by the head teacher who reportedly …

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