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Naeem Bukhari appreciates Imran Khan, KP Govt during Khabarnak on Geo TV

Advertisements Naeem Bukhari said by the start of Friday episode of Khabarnak that Imran Khan is one of five personalities who served Pakistan since throughout its history. Advertisements “He earned the country a World Cup, he expressed his wish to construct a Cancer hospital, and he did despite being mocked …

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Geo News license is suspended by Pemra for 15 days

Islamabad: 15 days suspension is enforced on Geo News license here on Friday by The Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA). The concerning channel has also been fined of Rs10 million besides being suspended. These actions are taken on the basis of the complaints which were received from the defense …

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Geo/Jang group apologies  ISI and Army

Islamabad: The Geo/Jang group seek tender apology from ISI and armed forces over accusing the ISI chief Lt Gen Zaheer ul Islam after Hamid Mir was assaulted. The Geo/Jang group shows respect for the leaders of the Pakistani forces in a publication of apology in their news papers both in English …

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Public sentiments of Pakistan People

Abraham Lincoln says “Public sentiment is everything”. This very statement of Lincoln seems true in the series of recent events developed in Pakistan. Geo is the sole recipient of the public wrath, after accusing Army of the incidence happened to seasoned anchorperson Hamid Meer. Next episode was Imran’s stance of …

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