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Edhi Foundation fears drop in donations, says Faisal Edhi

Advertisements The founder of Edhi Foundation, Abdul Sattar Edhi, who started off with this organization back around six decades left this immortal world after being on death bed since long. Advertisements The 88-years old humanitarian was bid farewell as state funeral was organized at the National Stadium Karachi, in which thousands …

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Abdul Sattar Edhi declines Zardari’s offer of treatment abroad

One of the greatest living humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi is a real messiah for the underprivileged people. He is serving the humanity from around 6 decades, and now even on the death bad he is still the same passionate to do it for the humanity. This 88-years old man lives …

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Bilquis Edhi to be honoured with ‘Mother Teresa Award’ in India

Abdul Sattar Edhi’s wife Bilquis Edhi has been nominated for Mother Teresa Memorial International Award-2015 for providing save heaven to Geeta, a deaf-mute teenage girl stranded in Pakistan. “In view of the noble and humanitarian act of sheltering our dear Geeta, a deaf-mute girl who had accidentally crossed into Pakistan, …

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Edhi Foundation rejects INR 10 million donation from India

Edhi Foundation rejected on Tuesday the donation worth INR10 million, which Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a day ago. Sources from the inside the foundation has thanked the Indian PM for his generosity but politely turned down the offer. According to the sources, it is against the agenda of …

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Stranded in Pakistan, Indian girl Geeta reunited with her family

KARACHI: The deaf-mute stranded in Pakistan, Geeta arrived in New Delhi on Monday via a PIA flight to reunite with her family after a long struggle to get there. The photo of the young girl, accompanied by Bilquis Edhi and Edhi Foundation members being received at the airport in New …

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Edhi be praised but Geeta be given better life in India than in Pakistan: Salman Khan

Bollywood mega star Salman Khan said that Geeta must be given a better life in her motherland and that Indian is better living for her than Pakistan. A hearing and speech-impaired Geeta in her early 20s has been living in a women’s shelter in Karachi for 13 years. Her being …

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