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Mazaaq Raat: Vasay Chaudhry took over after Noman Ijaz’s depart

Advertisements The social media was with buzz after the news of Noman Ijaz’s departure from the famous political-comedy show was surfacing. Although, many diehard fans of the show weren’t believing the news of the departure of the host of their famous show. But after the cat came out of the …

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Noman Ijaz left Dunya News Show Mazaaq Raat, claims Sami Ibrahim

The renowned TV, film actor and host of comedy show Mazaaq Raat, Noman Ijaz said good bye to Dunya News and Mazaaq Raat, revealed by Sami Ibrahim. Dunya News got fame from its most appreciated comedy show Mazaaq Raat. Noman Ijaz hosts the show with his team consisting of most …

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Kamran Khan Joins Dunya Media Group after Bol TV

LAHORE: Senior investigative journalists Kamran Khan has joined Dunya Media Group as the president and editor-in-chief reported by the said media group and tweeted by Kamran Khan. After joining the group, Kamran Khan has stated that after he left the Bol Network, he was searching for a media group that …

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