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PPL discovered oil from Attock after drilling the deepest well

Advertisements Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) stated that it discovered another great reserve in District Attock, Punjab following drilling the deepest well in Pakistan’s history. Advertisements Engineers of the company made their approach to the final depth of 5,827 metres on November 7, this year, as stated the company. “Based on …

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PPL claims to have discovered gigantic sources of gas

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) claimed to have discovered country’s biggest resource from any well during the past 10 years. As claimed the state-owned company, it has found gas sources in Matiari, Sindh that would provide at least 56 million cubic feet per day. The volume has its significance as many …

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Oil, gas reserves discovered in Kalabagh

The joint venture in Karak is carried out be Mari Petroleum with a 60% working interest and MOL having a 40% share. The finding at Kalabagh-1A ST1 is the second for the company in the block in Datta, Samanasuk and Lockhart formations. Previously, it made a big crude oil discovery …

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10 Million Times More Luminous than our Sun, Supernova is discovered

Astronomers employing NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) have found the most illuminated pulsar ever discovered. A Nova 10 million times brighter than the sun is located 12 million light-years away in the galaxy Messier 82 (M82). The research was led by Matteo Bachetti of the University of Toulouse and …

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Gas reserves uncovered in Sanghar

ISLAMABAD: New reserves of gas and condensate have been discovered in Sindh’s Sanghar district. The announcement made by the stat-run Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) on Monday after regulatory approval by the federal government. The PPL, operator of Block 2568-18 (Gambat South) in Sanghar district with 64 per cent working interest, …

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