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How to Block Stolen or Lost Mobile Sets in Pakistan?

Advertisements With the advancement in technology and technical gadgets, the cases of thefts are also increasing day by day. Mobile snatching and mobile thefts are those activities that normally happens on the roads and streets of Pakistan. Advertisements Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has a full-fledged system of blocking lost or stolen …

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Rangers raid CPLC head’s house in Karachi

KARACHI: A team of  Rangers Special Task Force raided the house of Citizen-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) head Ahmad Chinoy situated in Karachi’s Defence area. As reported by Express Tribune, kidnapped boy along with Rs 1.5 million had been recovered, money was given to Chinoy by the boy’s mother for his …

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Cell established to hear women’s grievances by CPLC

KARACHI: A women complaint cell was launched as part of the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) framed-up on Thursday announced in a ceremony held in a hotel. The cell at Governor House will address complaints related to domestic violence, divorce and Khula, right to inheritance, maintenance, child custody, kidnapping, sexual harassment, …

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