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List of cinemas across the world for Ho Mann Jahaan release

Advertisements The highly anticipated and much awaited movie of the past year Asim Raza’s Ho Mann Jahaan is going to hit the cinemas not only in Pakistan but across the globe on the first sun-shine of 2016. Advertisements The team HMJ has just released the list of those cinemas of …

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Tom Cruise look alike Canadian PM Justin Trudeau loves Bhangra, Briyani

Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau merged himself into the rainbow of various cultures existing in Canada and interestingly he looks like Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise when smiles. Soon after being elected to serve the country as a Prime Minister, Trudeau participated in a dance party arranged by Canadian-Indians. …

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Women allowed to wear veil for citizenship oath as Canada court rules

OTTAWA: A Canadian court ruled on Tuesday overturning a ban on wearing veil that the ruling party had trumpeted as a policy accomplishment on the eve of elections. Now, after this ruling, new Canadian citizens will be allowed to put on face veils at their citizenship ceremonies. The Federal Court …

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Canada shook like a leaf after attack on Parliament

OTTAWA: Canada’s capital was perturbed on Wednesday after grave shooting of a soldier and an assault on the parliament building in which gunshots was fire outside a room where Prime Minister Stepen Harper was speaking. Mr. Harper was safely removed from the place after the gunman in the parliament building …

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