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Obama forms ‘core coalition’ to confront ISIS threat

Advertisements The coalition of 10 countries will intends to support Middle Eastern countries before the next UN security council summit. Advertisements Barack Obama, the US President, announced to form a “core coalition” of 10 countries which would be led by the United States with the United Kingdom and Australia. The …

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Obama approves Air strikes in Iraq

US President Barack Obama authorized country’s warplane to drop food for refugees and undergo limited air strike on appropriate region to cut down the potential “genocide”. “The US air armada’s first mission was to drop food and water to thousands of members of the Yazidi religious minority besieged by Sunni …

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To assist Iraqi army, US troops arrive in Baghdad

The US troops were to support Iraqi military over combating a growing Sunni militant insurgency , have started reaching Baghdad and begun their duty, the Pentagon said. About 150 special operations US soldiers have joined their new responsibility in Baghdad. The US President Barak Obama, earlier promised to deploy 300 …

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