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Solar-powered ATM machines will provide clean drinking water to Pakistanis

Advertisements As the availability of clean-water is becoming a solemn issue in Pakistan, the Punjab government has taken an unique move to meet the needs of people for water. For this purpose, the Punjab government is ready to launch an innovation that will be known as ‘Solar-powered ATMs’ that dispenses …

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Imran will head to Islamabad for Tsunami march

BAHAWALPUR: At Bahawalpur rally the chief of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Imran khan demanded the government to answer his four objections within one month regarding the rigging in the general elections 2013. The rally was held at Dring Stadium in Bahawalpur in which a considerable amount of PTI supporters were gathered …

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PTI jalsa in Bahawalpur

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) is going to hold a fourth jalsa of the series against the alleged rigging in the general election held in May 2013. The arrangements for the rally have been finalized in football ground (Dring Stadium) in front of Bahawalpur Zoo. A couple of containers have been brought …

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Aysha Farooq becomes first Pakistani fighter participated in terrorist operation

The only female fighter pilot in Pakistan Air Force, Aysha Farooq, is a part of the army which is currently fighting against the militants in North-Waziristan. By bombing over the militants’ hideouts, she has become not only Pakistan but also world’s first female who targeted the militants. 26 years old …

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