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Hate speech: Altaf Hussain renders apology before court

Advertisements In his three-page affidavit, MQM supremo however, criticised the court order stopping airing of his speeches, calling it a solemn curb on freedom of speech. Altaf also defended his controversial speech, explaining that he just criticised the exploitation of power against his party and his rhetoric was misinterpreted. Advertisements …

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Hate speeches: LHC asks Altaf Hussain to submit apology

A three-member bench headed by Justice Syed Mazhar Ali Akbar Naqvi had heard petitions against Altaf Hussain, who is asked to assure not to do it again through affidavit. Earlier, the court had ordered on three identical petitions seeking a ban on media airing Altaf Hussain’s speeches because of his …

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Geo/Jang group apologies  ISI and Army

Islamabad: The Geo/Jang group seek tender apology from ISI and armed forces over accusing the ISI chief Lt Gen Zaheer ul Islam after Hamid Mir was assaulted. The Geo/Jang group shows respect for the leaders of the Pakistani forces in a publication of apology in their news papers both in English …

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