Tadini Stele is back, Canova’s last masterpiece to appear again after restoration. It will be displayed as it was 200 years ago: by candlelight

In October 1822 he died Antonio Canova, the main exponent of neoclassical sculpture. Several initiatives are planned that will celebrate the anniversary, but a Lovere, in the province of BergamoIt will start as soon as next weekend. Here is the old headquarters Tadini Academy of Fine Arts overlooking the banks Lake Iseo who desired Count Luigi Tadini, a collector – among other things – of Canova’s works. This is where the story stars call me, now preserved in the Academy’s prestigious art collection.

At the end of the eighteenth century, Count Luigi deeply sympathized with Canova and admired his works. Even the son of these, Faustino, created a poem in rhyme and prose dedicated to the works of Canova; For his part, the artist showed his sympathy for the Count, to the point of giving him a terracotta drawing of the religion. Tomb of Clement XIII, despite being very jealous of his models. In 1799 the son of Count Luigi, Faustino, died at the age of 25 after a wing of the building collapsed in Louvre, and since then Count Luigi has tried to calm the pain by dedicating himself to it. art collection. About 20 years later, in 1818, the Count asked Canova for a sculpture for his collection, and in response the artist suggested the count to commemorate the loss of his son with a relief sculpture. in Steel Tadini accurately. This entered the Count’s collection, was introduced in September 1821 and may have beenpast sculpture Made by Canova.

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Exactly two centuries later, it will be possible to enjoy the Tadini Stele in Lovere as the artist envisioned it two centuries ago, that is, with grazing light source NS Non directly, to enhance the contrast between the carved and polished parts, With the play of light and shadow. In this regard, it was Canova who requested the opening of one placed window Top left of the stele so it can be read correctly. as he explains Marco AlbertarioTadini Academy Director, “The sculpture must be admired by a light that highlights it and if you create a beam that goes beyond the entire profile it will separate from the background creating a truly extraordinary effect.” and for this From Friday 24 to Sunday 26 September The chapel where Tadini Stele is kept will open From 9 pm to midnight by candlelight, as Canova saw it two hundred years ago. But on the evening of the 25th, al Teatro Crystal from LovereWith an evening entitled inheriting lovedone by the actress Lucilla GagnoniThrough ., the cultural environment of the Canova era will be recreated theatrical readings From the authors of that time, such as Ugo Foscolo and others”.

Among other things, the inscription becomes visible again after a very recent restoration – also carried out thanks to the Bergamasca Community Foundation – which made it perfectly legible again: “I actually worked on the Stele in 2008 – says the restorer Lombard. Cinzia Barnegnoni Then we schedule routine maintenance on a consistent basis. There was, however small yellow spots, of organic origin … probably plant pollen … which formed on the horizontal parts of the work, like sediment, which I could not eliminate. In the meantime, I started my renovation work on the hotel floor Milan Cathedral Which is still running, as I had to deal with similar stains, which were then eliminated thanks to a chemical solution. I used the same product on the witness spots and they finally disappeared. We all breathed a sigh of relief because the masterpiece was perfectly legible. Honestly, I’ve already worked on Canova’s work but every time I do it I check for refinementHis search for pictorial effect in sculpture through lights and shadows discovered new details.”

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Museum information
Tadini stars
pigeon | Palazzo del Accademia, via Tadini 40 – Louvere (Bergamo)
when | 24.009.2021 – 26.09.2021
Hours | 21 to 24
the prices | free entry
the web
Contacts | phone. 035 962780 – [email protected] – ​​[email protected]


information appears
inheriting love
pigeon | Crystal Theatre, Via Valvendra 15, Louvere (Bergamo)
when | Saturday 25th September, 9pm – entrance from 8.15pm
the prices | Free entry – reservation required
Reservations | phone. 3494118779 – [email protected]
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