T-shirt No. 2 as a statement on the climate: Thorsby, an environmental footballer

by Piero Ceccatelli

Among the players there are these Their shirt number Chosen by them out of superstition, some to quote from ancient football roles, some to honor or imitate heroes, others for their birth year or their father’s year. Morten Thorsby Neither. The shirt number he chose for him environmental awareness. The 26-year-old Norwegian midfielder is under SampdoriaPut on the shirt Number 2, the interview, as he explains with full knowledge of the facts,To the degrees of increase in the average temperature of the globe, after which global warming will occur: a danger to be avoided at all.” The message reached its destination, if it is true that commentators in Great Britain, when Thorsby touch the ball, cite the reason for this jersey number.

The number 2 is on the Sampdoria uniform or on the Norwegian national team jersey worn by Thorsby The “most” public side of environmental commitment By a Sampdorian player who throw We play GreenA platform that brings together players from every country sensitive to the fate of the planet. A worthy initiative FifPro, the organization representing professional soccer players from around the world awarded the Oscars 2021. The previous year, the same award went to English Marcus RashfordManchester United striker for project A Support poor children United Kingdom, launched shortly after Boris Johnson’s Conservative government refused to grant subsidies.

This is the first time that this award has been given to an environmental theme. I’m glad, you launched the idea, but from 2022, once the foundations are laid, we’ll all work together to create a great idea The global community of footballers. UEFA and FIFA are also heading in this direction, but there is still a long way to go,” Thorsby explains at La Gazzetta dello Sport on Friday, November 26. In those pages the Norwegian footballer explores the number 2 jersey selection: “On TV, The media talk about me and it’s a no-cost marketing process. A small gesture to restore a great photo. Now, I hope that many colleagues will inspire me and choose the number 2 shirt to achieve the same goals as me.”

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Who knows, if he aspires to 2 were teammate: How will Morten act? Will he make such a kind gesture, happy to find apostates at home, or will he uphold his vested rights? Thorsby’s environmental awareness is nothing new. Exactly two years ago, in the pre-Covid era, he was with Greta Thunberg And not the virus that dominated the front pages of newspapers, Thorsby revealed in the nineteenth century in Genoa that he was forced to “soak” Friday in the future Genoa: “I was at the last parade. This time I was training … but ideally I was with all the guys who again sent a clear signal about the climate.

We need to think. And to make matters worse if their initiative takes place in conjunction with Black Friday, the day of unbridled consumption.”

Social sensitivity leads Thorsby to take sides politically: as a boy with liberals left youthYoung Finster, his captain, Train Ski Grande She invited him to Parliament when she was Minister of Culture and Equality. “We had tea and exchanged opinions about the environment and the climate… It was an exciting day,” remembers Thorsby. Today, Morten admires Greta (“she had the advantage of creating a movement the world needed”), but he’s not indifferent about the territory that welcomes him. “The climate is rebellious, and you realize it here Liguria, a certain land, with mountains very close to the sea – revealed in 2019 to the Genoa newspaper -. I think there is a big problem with blockYou should have started moving many years ago. I think that in order to avoid other tragedies in the future, we always go back there, to prevention. and to treatment or treatment and all respect of the weather.”

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