Symptoms and what to do in case of infection

to Rome is the alarm of scabiesas if the widespread spread of streptococcus and the dark years of the pandemic we have just put behind us were not enough, even if Covid continues to claim victims in Italy despite the end of the state of emergency: 125 deaths in the past week against 150 from the previous.

In the past few days, cases have appeared scabiesWith ASL Roma 1 that showed how “It has become a disease that can affect everyoneEven if the situation is currently under complete control.

In the past few days alone, five cases have been recorded, all in Kindergartenbut in the cityEpisodes also occurred in between grown upsin RSA and hospital wardsAs the ad indicated Adnkronos salute Henry DeRosaDirector of the Sisp-Hygiene and Public Health Service at ASL Roma 1.

In recent years there The tendency to increase the incidence of scabies cause we do not know – added De Rosa -. The various cases recorded in Rome relate to nursery schools, an environment conducive to the proliferation of mites“.

But what are the files symptoms from scabies? What to do in the event of an injury? Because of the concern raised in Rome, the health authorities wanted to repeat a whole series of guidelines related to this disease.

Scabies in Rome: what are its symptoms

there scabies It is caused by a skin diseaseSarcoptes scabiesA very small parasite that crawls under the skin and infects humans and animals. It is a disease so ancient, that there is already news of it among the ancient Egyptians.

The most common symptom of scabies – which can occur even after a few weeks – is itchy and formation skin burrowsof the fine lines that characterize this disease: in fact, only a few are sufficient for a diagnosis.

As found in Rome, scabies usually afflict I children but also grown ups They are not immune to it. within the elderly Alternatively, crusted scabies, the most severe form of the disease, can occur.

It’s not just an Italian phenomenon – Always explain toAdnkronos De Rosa from ASL Roma 1 – Also in Europe there is a trend towards increasing cases of scabies. But we see that he classifies himself as A disease that can affect everyone. It is no longer a disease associated with conditions of poverty, today it can affect everyone“.

Scabies: what to do in case of infection

Regarding Rome They wanted to stress the health authorities, it could be scabies transmitted Not just with Prolonged contact with someone who is already infected – It takes 15-20 minutes and of course sexual intercourse is also at risk – but also through things.

Thus de Rosa explained that in the event of an infection “You have to calmly accept the situation, people are shocked when they find out they have it scabies But instead you have to stay calm and face the situation“.

It is, in fact, one disease that can be easily overcome Completely within several weeks to a few months, but if left untreated, it can persist in the affected person for years.

The most important thing is that everyone who has been close to an infected person should do so treatment At the same time – Additional Director of the Sisp-Hygiene and Public Health Service at ASL Roma 1 – had previously been used Killer ointments which must be prescribed by a doctor“.

Finally, the last recommendation in case of scabies infestation is “Pay attention to the family nucleus and actions Machine wash cleaning at 50 degrees for 10 minutes, a procedure that kills mites; 48 hours after recovery, the person may continue to itch but there is nothing to worry about“.

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