Symptoms and even natural remedies to counteract early menopause

Is it possible to know when women enter menopause? In this regard, first of all, to find out the answer just read This interesting article. Moreover, what are the symptoms and natural remedies to combat premature menopause?

Because it is true that menopause is an inevitable event, as it is normal, but often the end of a woman’s fertile life comes several years ago. In particular, the menopause usually reaches the age of 50, a year less. But there are also cases of early menopause, when this specifically arrives before the age of 40.

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What are the symptoms and natural remedies to combat premature menopause

In detail, the symptoms of early menopause do not change compared to the age of 50. Thus women are encouraged to confront and manage hot flashes and decreased desire. In many cases, frequent phenomena of night sweats and increased water retention also recur.

Moreover, in young women of menopause, symptoms are often not only more severe, but debilitating as well. It is also difficult to accept it on a psychological level. And this despite often early menopause, as well as a potentially unhealthy lifestyle, or invasive treatments and surgery, it is actually only and exclusively linked to genetic factors.

Understandably, a gynecologist in this case is always the reference number to rely on, there are still natural remedies to counteract or at any rate to soothe the symptoms of early menopause. Specifically, these are medicinal plants and herbs that can help treat those ailments that are typical of menopause, from insomnia to high levels of stress. Like Passionflower extract, chamomile and also Mallow.

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