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Italy’s medal reaches the 2022 World Swimming Championships, which began today in Budapest. In Donna Square, a stone’s throw from Margaret Island, the first heavy position of the Blue Flight was painted in bronze: The 4×100 freestyle from Alessandro Merisi, Thomas Ciccone, Lorenzo Zazzeri and Manuel Frigo is third behind the United States, winners in 3:09.34, and Australia (second in 3:10.80).

The start was not the best: for a distance of more than 50 meters, Merisi managed to keep up Caleb DresselAnd the But in the long run he loses some rhythm and strength, and a turn around the fourth. Thomas Ciccone, burdened with today’s three contested races (by two Italian records), doesn’t have the right clarity and the Blues seem trapped in the big group.

But it is the third break, Zazzeri’s part, that makes the difference for Italy, with the 27-year-old managing to climb up after position with a total time of 47.35, ascending to second place at the dawn of history. The last two sessions. led by Frigo, who was overtaken by Australian Chalmers in the last fifteen metres, with the blue time trial stopping at 3:10.95.

Swimming, Nicolo Martinini travels to the final with a 100th breaststroke with the best time at the World Championships in Budapest!

At the foot of the platform there is Great Britain, which finished its match with a time of 3:11.14, a dime ahead of its host Hungary (3:11.24). Sixth place instead of Canada in 3: 11.99, ahead of Brazil in 3: 12.21 and Serbia in 3: 13.83.

Photo: La Presse

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