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Swimming Australia launches guidance and advice to support eating disorders

Swimming Australia She recently published her guidelines for the prevention and management of eating disorders.

They are part of the organization’s goal to ensure this

“The swimming community is equipped to support the growth and development of the mind and body of a swimmer capable of achieving results in all aspects of life.”

President of Swimming Australia Dr. Michael GallenHe said the guidelines were developed for the benefit of the entire swimming community.

Swimming Australia is committed to providing all athletes, coaches, parents and fans with a safe and supportive environment to train, compete and thrive throughout their swimming lives.

We believe these guidelines will help identify and change the language, culture, and environments associated with negative body image. Things that are often said or done with unintended consequences.”

“Ultimately, these guidelines provide clear procedures and processes that our community and Swimming Australia can follow to ensure that all swimmers and people who enjoy swimming can swim, train and compete in a low-risk and supportive environment, which represents body positivity, a love of water, and lifelong health.”

The guidelines can be consulted in their entirety here, They cover topics such as detection and diagnosis, as well as treatment.

The Language and Environment Guide aims to support the positive and sustainable development of a swimmer’s physique.

Provides insight into why, when and how you speak and, if necessary, measure and monitor fitness throughout the swimmer’s life.

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