Sweden’s prime minister resigned just hours after taking office

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson quit A few hours after taking office: The Swedish Parliament, shortly after taking office the voice of confidence On Wednesday morning, he approved an alternative budget law to the government’s law, which was submitted by the opposition. And so Anderson, defeated in the first significant vote, was forced to resign.

On Wednesday afternoon, a few hours after Andersen’s inauguration, parliament approved a financial maneuver put forward and backed by the conservative opposition from the Moderates, Christian Democrats and the far-right Swedish Democrats. The bill should have been rejected, but passed because at the last moment the Center Party, which in theory should have supported the government, decided to abstain.

So Sweden found itself for a few hours with a center-left government (Andersen belongs to the SPD and rules in coalition with the Greens) and a budget law written by the center-right (the first in which the far-right party participated), which states, among other things, It includes lowering taxes, increasing police funds, restricting immigration rules and lowering fuel taxes.

At that point, the Greens decided to leave the government, saying that they could not continue to govern with the budget constraints written by the opposition. Anderson was forced to resign.

It is not clear now what will happen to the Swedish government. Anderson said he would seek parliamentary support to form a new government, but it is currently difficult to determine whether he will succeed.

Andersen is the first woman to hold the position of Prime Minister in Sweden. She is appointed to replace fellow party member Stefan Lofven, who he quit The tenth of last November. He was supposed to rule the country until elections scheduled for September 2022.

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