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L ‘Italy will conclude the 2021 Curling World Cup for Women in thirteenth place and penultimate Calgary: The blues ends Round Robin with two wins and eleven losses, The last of which ends in the 23v round match Sweden, already qualified to the play-off rounds, who won 9-5 in nine finals.

They enter the second stage of the direct judiciary Switzerland, RCF (Russian Curling Federation), Sweden, Denmark, Canada and the United States: The first two are already in the semi-finals, the other four will face each other in a playoff round, however They each buy six tickets for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

In the late Italian evening match blue They start well, Select a point at the first end With the last available stone and then They steal the hand, they go 2-0 After two takes. The Swedish reaction was violent, and the Scandinavians scored four points at the third end and stole the hand by scoring two more points in the fourth round.

L ‘Italy It appears to be giving some signs of recovery by labeling Point at the end of the fifth, then steal the hand in the sixth, returning to 4-6. The Swedes scored two more points in the seventh round and brought the Blues back to great distance. The Determines the ninth ending 5-9 and the end of hostilities: too much Four points to recover With one hand.

The World Championship ends in Stefania Constantini, Marta Lu Desierto, Angela Romi, Elena Dami, Julia Zardini Lasedelli With their two successes against Germany and Estonia. Azraq will have another chance to qualify for the Olympics next season in a tournament that will provide the last three places.

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