Swarovski, Brill, Emporio Armani: the most beautiful jewelry at unprecedented prices

Bracelets, watches and earrings: supplements They are fundamental to expressing one’s style and are valid nowadays for both men and women. with the Amazon Prime Day There are many gems In promotion that can be right for you, because they really do suit all tastes and budgets, despite being products of famous and prestigious brands. Here are some examples.

her gems

Bright earrings


the Swarovski hoop earrings From the Stone collection, it is in rhodium-plated metal with sparkling crystals. It is simple, but at the same time very elegant and adapts to all kinds of style: a pair of earrings, in short, worn casually every day, it would seem, not demanding, but also very characterful.

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Coordinator for all occasions

woman coordinator

In this Coordinated by Emporio Armani There is an analog watch for women that is water resistant and has a quartz movement, but there is also a bracelet and dangling earrings bearing the logo. The whole is made of stainless steel and is therefore hypoallergenic.

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The luxurious necklace

Women's necklace

It is a solid waterfall Brilliant women’s necklace From the Skyfall collection. It is made of chains of different styles and lengths, so much so that it can be worn in different ways, completely “dissolved” or with a round neck. The design is really original and versatile: with an elegant outfit it is incredibly elegant, and with a casual outfit it is more casual.

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lucky bracelet

Women's bracelet

Halfway between a prayer meter and a classic pendant bracelet: It is Morellato Women’s Bracelet From the Valentina collection, made of steel and onyx. It is really cute with a small pendant in the shape of a four-leaf clover, which, as they say as a good luck gift, also brings good luck.

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The romantic necklace

necklace with pendants

A romantic touch with pink pendants, one of which is in the shape of a heart. It comes with an extension Fossil women’s necklace In steel with a color like rose gold stripes, the pendants are attached to a thin chain: sober but elegant Bijoux.

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his jewels

Chronograph watch

men's watch

Classic elegant men’s watch Emporio Armani Chronograph Quartz They can be worn every day. It has a round case, black leather strap, and is water resistant to 50 metres.

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Articulated bracelet

fossil bracelet

What characteristics should a men’s bracelet have? In many cases, something understated is preferred, but also has undeniable style. the Fossil men’s bracelet It is made of stainless steel with a clasp closure and a brushed finish accompanied by black details. It is very versatile.

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silicone bracelet

Tommy Hilfiger bracelet

More sporty and decidedly youthful, the men’s bracelet in silicone and steel Tommy Hilfiger. The color is navy blue and the magnetic closure is enamelled (with the brand’s logo on the flag), so it’s made to last.

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The elegant necklace

Men's necklace

Less formal than the men’s bijoux and really very elegant it is Fossil men’s necklace, which consists of a silver stainless steel chain with charms, including one of black lava stone. Shipped in a gift box, so it’s perfect either as a gift to yourself or as a gift for someone close to you.

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Limited edition watch

Maserati watch

One might say, figuratively speaking, that this watch is a racing car. It is really very specialTraguardo Maserati men’s watch Limited edition, sold exclusively online. It is all black with gold detailing and has a chronograph function with a quartz movement. It is water resistant up to 10 atmospheres and has a two year warranty.

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