Surprisingly Michel Fabrizio returns to Supersport

Sometimes they come back. Six years later, Michel Fabrizio will race in the SuperSport World Championship, beginning a new adventure at the age of 36. The jockey from Lazio will be the spearhead in MotoZoo Racing, a CIV team that will debut in the World Series Championship. Team Fabio Uccelli will have a Kawasaki ZX-6R at their disposal, as a result of a cooperation agreement with Team Manuel Puccetti.

It’s a pleasure to be back in the Supersport 600 World Championship after a few years of absence from the world stage“Fabrizio announced.”Doing this with Fabio Uchili, with whom I teamed up on my winning year at the Superstock 1000 World Series with Team Alstare, is really cool. The first approach I took with Team Puccetti’s Motozoo Racing was really very positive, as the availability of Kawasaki ZX-6R champions last year gives us certainty that we will be able to do well. I can’t wait to be on the right track to take the first tests“.

We have been trying to make the leap with Team Motozoo Racing for some time, we have been waiting for the right moment“These are the words of Fabio Uchili.”We have a very valuable team, and maybe two more experienced people will join the team. We will immediately try to maximize our feel and experience with a new bike like the Kawasaki ZX-6R which is why we can’t wait to get off the right track for the first tests.“.

So I thank all of those who have allowed my team to take this big step, from Team Kawasaki Puccetti Racing, who will give us important support during the season, to our sponsors and everyone who has helped us so far and who have also confirmed their presence in this new and exciting adventure.“.

Who are Michel Fabrizio and Fabio Uchili, the newest players in the World Championships in super sports?

Born in 1984, Michel Fabrizio, a native of Frascati, was one of the youths “raised” by the Italian team, with whom he managed the 125th World Championships. In 2004 he did a small stretch in MotoGP, with the WCM team, before dedicating himself to derivatives of the series. After two seasons between Superstock and Supersport, he made his debut in 2006 at the Superbike World Championship, where he stayed until 2013. He has played seasons with Honda, Suzuki, Ducati, BMW and Aprilia, with 219 appearances and four wins. He is also known for his fights with Max Biaggi, especially in 2008, when they were brand mates at Ducati.

Superbike: Knights of the 2021 season

From 2018 Michel occasionally attends CIV, rotating with coach activities. Now, we’re back in action at the World SuperSports Championship, in a different scenario. 2021 will be a transitional year, thanks to the regulatory change already expected (and hopefully) next year. The new formula, which provides increased displacement of up to 1,000 cc for two and three cylinders, is being tested in the UK and hopefully becoming a reality soon.

Ducati and Triumph are ready to return to Supersport

Fabrizio is back in Supersport thanks to Fabio Uccelli’s MotoZoo. In his career, Uccelli has collaborated with important teams in the Superbike universe, such as Alstare, Celani and Daniele Carli’s DFX, since 2011 he has been the manager of Team MotoZoo Racing, which forged a technical alliance with Puccetti Racing to officially acquire two Kawasaki ZX-6Rs. In addition to Fabrizio, MotoZoo will play the young Japanese Shogo Kawasaki (the title has never been more fitting), who in 2020 raced with the team at the CIV Supersport 300.

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