Surprising Nvidia GeForce NOW App Is Coming


LG It is clear that he is serious about expanding the field of smart TVs, not only in terms of hardware but also in terms of software. In addition to adding new applications and services to your applications smart tv, Come + Apple TV and support broadcast 2And LG It also started licensing its platform WebOS For other smart TV manufacturers.

Most of these are new Careers It’s all about “passive” entertainment, but this all-new feature is entering the world of interactive content, with the imminent arrival of game streaming. GeForce now from nvidia To select LG Smart TVs.

LG WebOS: Some details about functionality are missing

There are two or three major game streaming platforms out there these days, but NVIDIA was already playing with that capability before long google browser Reveal their opinion of Stadia. GeForce NOW out of release beta A little later, however, it also has one of the largest number of supported devices to run. In addition to mobile devices, computers, and consoles, GeForce NOW will also reach smart TVs, at least on those that run WebOS from LG.

Some 2021 TV models OLED 4K, QNED Mini LED NS NanoCell from LG in a 80 markets He will soon be able to test a beta version of the GeForce NOW app that is coming out this week. Of course, availability also depends on whether the service is actually available in certain countries, but US owners don’t have to worry about that at all. You also don’t have to worry about the capabilities of their TVs because the whole point of streaming the game is to offload heavy processing to remote computers.

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These remote PCs use NVIDIA’s powerful RTX graphics card to stream smooth 1080p games at 60fps, with ray tracing effects. However, this feature specifically requires a paid subscription.

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